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Adnoor is a Canadian-owned company that operates all over Canada. We have the specialty of continuously supplying top-grade basmati rice, dried fruits, seeds, and nuts, of premium quality for more than 25 years. We are the importers, exporters, wholesale distributors, and co-packers of many nuts and grains in Canada. We believe in providing quality; that's why all elements of our services, from management to procurement, marketing, shipping and delivery, meet the most elevated standards of excellence.

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We know what our customers want. That's why we offer a diverse selection of food products that are carefully selected and delivered. We take it upon ourselves to make sure that only the highest quality food is shipped to your door.

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We take care of the entire process—management, procurement, marketing, shipping and delivery. We have an expansive network across the world and we're ready to show you what we can do with our basmati rice, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

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We do it all – from sourcing, grading, packing, and shipping to delivering the best quality products on time at the right price. We'll take care of your needs in one phone call or email.


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Legacy Running Down Into Generations!

Adnoor is now controlled by the third generation of the family and has been in the wholesale food distribution business for over a century, covering the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.
In the 1900s, it was one of the first companies which started the agro-based wholesale food distribution business in Pakistan. The Company was established by the Fore Fathers in 1905 before the partition of the Subcontinent. ADNOOR quickly gained immense popularity due to the hard work and dedication of the family and their team. With more than 25 years of experience, we’re the ones you can turn to for premium basmati rice, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. To guarantee that every aspect of our service is impeccable, we perform everything from management, procurement, and marketing to shipping and delivery. Our modern technology ensures that quality is never compromised, and our skilled staff ensures that our customers are never dissatisfied.

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Well, let us prove you wrong send us a message with the subject “Trial Order” and witness the delegacies of nature’s harvest.

Basmati Rice

Customized Labelling Made Easy

Adnoor not only packs and markets its products but also offers private labelling services. We audit every product that we pack to ensure that premium quality basmati rice, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits reach our customers. Providing Quality and Safe products is our guarantee. Every product in our full range is produced by vertical integration from field to packaging, ensuring a full range of control of all of our private-labelled products. If you need any help meeting your marketing objectives, Adnoor provides the versatility and experience to fulfill your need.



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Rice Wholesalers in Canada Supplying the Best Basmati Rice in Canada 

At Adnoor, we stand out for the quality of our basmati riceRaisinsNutsseeds, and dried fruit products in Canada. With 25 years of history, we have made the mixture of tradition, quality and innovation the magic recipe to offer you the best rice in the world. Thanks to our environmental policies and investments in R&D, we are constantly improving the production process, reducing energy costs and developing more sustainable packaging, thus contributing to protecting the planet. We take pride in saying that we are Canada’s best wholesale rice supplier.   

Adnoor: A Great Brand with Great Products

Each Of Our Products Reveals Authentic Flavours And Great Diversity.

Get Rice from the Best Basmati Rice Brand in Canada

At Adnoor, we are proud to offer you rice with an irresistible taste that you will not forget. We rigorously select all our ingredients to create unique recipes, real treasures of flavours, respectful of people, sectors and nature.

We Stand For Quality—the Quality of the Best Basmati Rice, Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Fruits.

Discover Our Range Of Rice!

Adnoor is the best platform where you can discover a wide variety of Rice specialties like Long Grain Basmati RicePremium Long Grain Sella RiceSteam Basmati RiceBrown Super Kernal Basmati Rice etc., to prepare rice dishes from the most traditional to the most exotic.   

Wholesale Basmati Rice Suppliers: A Wide Variety of Rice to Choose From

At Adnoor, you can find a range of premium rice varieties, including Basmati RiceWhite RiceLong Grain White RiceBrown RiceBrown Basmati RiceSella Basmati RiceGolden Sella Basmati RiceLong Grain Sella RiceSteam Basmati RiceSuper Kernel Basmati Rice etc.

Best Rice Suppliers in Canada; the Exquisite Aroma of the Himalayan Valleys

Basmati rice is a very aromatic rice grown in the valleys of the Himalayas. According to experts, it is one of the world’s most distinguished and exquisite rice. It is distinguished by its exceptional whiteness and its particular hazelnut aroma.

Perfect for salads, to mix with other rice, as an accompaniment to curry or oriental and exotic dishes in general. After cooking, it remains soft and retains its unique taste and aroma.

Prepare A Delicious Starter Or The Perfect Accompaniment With Rice From Wholesale Basmati Rice Suppliers.

Adnoor basmati rice is a premium quality rice, rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. Due to its high starch content, it is advisable to rinse it several times with tap water (until the water runs clear) so that the grains come off well when cooked. Basmati rice has a lower glycemic index than other grains and rice, so it is suitable for diabetics.

We are the best rice suppliers in Canada. We carefully select ingredients and use the most appropriate packaging to bring you premium quality products with an excellent taste and intact nutritional values.

Taste the Most Sought-After Rice in the World

Basmati rice is a variety of naturally fragrant rice. It is a long and very thin grain rice with a cream colour and a delicate nutty aroma. The name “Basmati” comes from Hindi, meaning the “queen of perfume.”

White rice allows a significant reduction in cooking time compared to brown rice. Basmati is a long, refined rice with fine grains and a fragrant flavour, and the rice is very firm and light in texture.

Fragrant rice can be used sweet or savoury as a side dish or in the main role – basmati rice is always a great choice and an excellent alternative to conventional rice.

Bring Home The Taste Of Distant Lands With the Best Basmati Rice Brand in Canada.

In India and Pakistan, this type of rice has long been an integral part of the cuisine. It is a particularly aromatic long-grain rice originating from Afghanistan. Basmati rice has a nutty, earthy flavour with a floral scent and is non-sticky, and it is considered the noblest variety of rice.

Cherish the Premium Basmati Rice from Reputed Wholesale Rice Suppliers.

We have selected and presented the best price for you. The varieties are not only convincing in terms of taste but also in texture. The rice can be cooked quickly and easily in just 10-20 minutes and achieves an airy and fluffy consistency. Compared to Brown Basmati Rice, White Basmati Rice has a slightly softer consistency, and the difference is in the treatment. The white rice is crushed and thus stripped of its silvery skin.

Rice: A Key Element for the Nutrition of World Populations.

Rice is not only the staple food in Asian cuisine but is also a vital element in Near East cuisine.

Rice accompanies most dishes with stews, meats and sauces in many countries. It is widely used in composition dishes from simple (mjadara) to complex (kabsé, makloubé, etc.). Rice is also a primary ingredient in the “stuffed” category; zucchini, eggplant, stuffed cabbage leaves, vine leaves, etc.

Long grain rice has the particularity of having its shape preserved during cooking and hardly clumps together, which is why it is used more as an accompaniment to main dishes. Basmati rice, a variety with such a pleasant fragrance, is the most prized long-grain rice in various world cuisines. For even more flavour and colour, golden vermicelli is added to the rice during cooking. Round rice is the variety commonly used in the preparation of desserts and especially the famous rice pudding.

Adnoor Rice FAQs

Yes, rice can become expire. Rice has a shelf life that is determined by the type of rice and the manner in which it is stored. White rice may be kept in an airtight container in a cool, dry area for up to 4-5 years. Brown rice has a lower shelf life than white rice due to its greater oil content, although it can survive up to 6 months. Before eating rice, look for indicators of spoilage, such as an unusual odor or discoloration.
Rice, when taken in proportion and as part of a nutritious meal, may be an essential component of a healthy diet for weight reduction. Brown rice is a better choice than white rice since it is full grain and includes more fibre. However, because rice is high in carbohydrates, eating too much of it can lead to weight gain.
Rice calories differ based on the kind of rice and its serving size. A 1/2 cup portion of cooked white rice has around 100 calories, whereas a 1/2 cup serving of cooked brown rice has about 110-120 calories. Adding spices, sauces, or oil, on the other hand, can considerably boost the number of calories in rice recipes.
Yes, rice flour is actually gluten-free because it is made via ground-rice grains, which have no gluten. Rice flour may be used in a number of baked items, although it may require other ingredients, such as xanthan gum, to enhance the texture and structure of the end result.
Yes, brown rice is thought to be more nutritious than white rice. This is due to the fact that brown rice is a complete grain with more fibre, vitamins, and minerals than white rice, which had the germ and bran removed during processing. Furthermore, brown rice has a lower glycemic index, which means it causes a slower and more sustained rise in blood sugar levels than white rice.
Basmati rice is a variety of long-grain rice popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking. It is a healthy choice for you because it is minimal in fat and high in carbs and protein. Basmati rice has a lower glycemic index than other forms of rice, which can aid with blood sugar regulation. It is also high in B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc.
Cooked rice may be kept in an airtight container in the fridge for up to four to six days. To avoid the formation of dangerous germs, refrigerate rice within two hours of cooking. Rice that has been kept at room temperature for more than 2 hours should be discarded. Reheated rice should be consumed right away and not refrigerated again.
Yes, you may freeze cooked rice for up to six months. Allow rice to cool completely before transferring it to a freezer-safe box or resealable plastic bag to freeze. Squeeze out any air as possible, then securely seal and date. When ready to use, defrost the rice overnight in the refrigerator and thoroughly reheat it in the microwave or on the stove.
Yes, rice is gluten-free because it is a gluten-free grain. Rice goods, such as rice flour or rice noodles, may not be gluten-free if they are manufactured in facilities that also process gluten-containing cereals. If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, it is critical to read the label and find certified gluten-free items.
Yes, rice is a carbohydrate because it is primarily made up of starch, which is a type of carbohydrate. Rice may be a substantial source of carbs in the diet depending on the kind and serving size. Brown rice and other whole grain rice variants include fibre, which helps delay carbohydrate absorption and gives other health advantages.
Yes, brown rice is a healthy food choice because it is a whole grain rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Brown rice fibre can aid in blood sugar regulation, intestinal regularity, and the maintenance of healthy gut microbiota.
Regular Rice Krispies cereal contains malt flavoring derived from barley, a gluten-containing grain, and hence is not gluten-free. Kellogg's, on the other hand, now sells a gluten-free version of Rice Krispies produced with brown rice that is certified gluten-free.
White rice is not always bad for you, but it tends to be less nutritious than brown rice or different whole-grain rice variants. This is because white rice is having its bran and germ removed in processing, which eliminates many of the vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Furthermore, white rice possesses a higher glycemic index compared to brown rice, leading to cause a faster rise in blood sugar levels.
Basmati rice is a low-fat and low-protein carbohydrate option with a lower glycemic index than other forms of rice, making it a healthy option for weight loss.
The calories in a cup of rice vary based on the variety and technique of cooking. A cup of cooked white rice, for example, has around 205 calories, whereas a cup of cooked brown rice has about 216 calories. However, if the rice is cooked in oil or butter, it may contain additional calories.
Yes, rice can spoil if not properly stored or maintained for an extended period of time. Uncooked rice can be kept in an airtight container in a cold, dry area for up to two years. Refrigerate cooked rice within 2 hours of cooking and use within 4-6 days. Rice should be thrown if it smells bad, has a weird texture, or shows symptoms of mould.
Basmati rice is gluten-free because it is a long-grain rice that has no gluten. However, when purchasing pre-packaged or processed basmati rice products, be cautious of cross-contamination because they might have been processed in facilities that additionally handle gluten-containing grains.
Rice is a healthy and easily digested carbohydrate source for dogs. Plain, cooked rice can help dogs with upset stomachs or digestive difficulties, and it can also be used as a carbohydrate component in homemade dog food recipes. However, any seasonings, spices, or additional components that may be harmful to dogs, such as onions or garlic, should be avoided.
Rice contains protein; however, its quantity depends on the variety. White rice has less protein than brown rice or wild rice, which are entire grains with higher fibre, vitamins, and minerals. A cup of cooked white rice has around 4 grams of protein, whereas a cup of cooked brown rice contains approximately 5 grams of protein.
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