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ADNOOR INC. is a Canadian-owned and operating business. We specialize in exceptional service of selling Premium basmati rice, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits of worldwide quality. We import, export, wholesale, distribute, and co-pack various nuts and grains. All aspects of our service, from management, procurement, and marketing to shipping and delivery, meet the highest standards of excellence.

Our Pride

As a family-owned business, we take pride in our legacy of dedication to quality products since generations.

From the World to World

Every country has a unique taste for rice and nuts. We have a wide variety of products to satisfy all tastes. We use the latest technologies to serve the best products only.

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Taste The Difference

We pride ourselves in our fresh, quality and naturally packed products, with no artificial flavorings.

Sourced from the best origins

Adnoor is the place to be for all your favorite food ingredients sourced from our famous and best origins. With a wide selection of products available, we have you covered

Hygienic First

All products are processed and manufactured in a clean and controlled environment with latest technologies to ensure quality and hygiene always.

Satisfied Clients Always

Adnoor has always been synonymous with quality, service and reliability to our customers. We pride ourselves in a record of 100% satisfied and happy clients always.

Why Choose Us



Fresh Every Time!

We maintain freshness so you get crunchy, dried nuts every time. Nuts are the perfect snack for any occasion and we provide a variety of flavors to satisfy any craving.

Tasty, Long-Lasting Nuts

We know how hard it is to find a good snack that is healthy as well as delicious. That’s why we keep all the products in a cool, dry place in our airtight packaging to improve their shelf life so you can enjoy them for longer.

Breathe In The Aroma Of Pleasures

Indulge in the Aroma of Basmati Rice. With a cocktail of 100 compounds, the aroma and flavor of our variety will leave you spellbound. Give your dishes a whole new flavor with this versatile rice.

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We are a Canadian-owned company that operates all over Canada. The third generation of the family is currently running a global business extending to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America. We proudly say that we have been in the wholesale food distribution business for more than a hundred years. Adnoor was established back in 1905 by the Fore Fathers prior to the subcontinent partition. The most important thing to mention here is that Adnoor quickly created its space in the market and earned popularity due to the devotion and hard work of the family and their professional team.
Back in 1900, we were the pioneers who jumped into the agro-based wholesale food distribution market in Pakistan. You can trust us blindly, as we established our market reputation by selling quality basmati rice, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. We have a glorious history of delivering quality products to our customers for the past 25 years. In order to meet quality standards, we keenly perform everything right from the management, and procurement of materials, to the marketing, shipping, and delivery of the products. We believe in modern technology and implement it in our processing so that the quality remains top-notch. Our professional and hardworking staff try their best to fulfill our customers' expectations. If you are still confused, then provide us with a chance to come up with our promise by sending us a message with the subject "Trial Order" and have a glimpse at the perks of nature's harvest.
Our objective has always been to build connections through Commitment in our work, Excellence in our delivery, and Loyalty in our words, because everything comes down to establishing connections with our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. ADNOOR plans to become the leading agro-food distribution firm in North America, starting with rice and nuts.
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