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All You Need To Know About Currants

Currants are small, seedless, thin-skinned, and purplish in colour (more or less dark). They’re delicious, and unlike most other grape varieties, they’re not sulphited! Indeed, currants are naturally rich in antioxidants, which naturally protect them against rotting, and allow their preservation for months when dried.

Sulfiting treatments (pre-harvest and post-harvest) are used to prevent spoilage and discoloration of produce during storage and distribution. Their anti-oxygen properties are particularly sought after: sulphites capture oxygen molecules and, by trapping them, prevent them from oxidizing food.

Raisins can be used in various everyday recipes. Also, they can be incorporated into cod fillets in the sauce as a main course. Dessert fans will be delighted to cook currant cheesecake or currant toast.

It is recommended that grapes be soaked to plump before incorporating them into a recipe. Continue reading the article and get an overview of everything related to currants.

Currants: All You Need To Know In 2 Minutes

The currant is a variant of grape that is only rarely marketed in its fresh state. It is, in fact, most often sold dried. Its name comes from the city of Corinth, a city in Greece.

But this variety of grapes is not only produced in Greece: it is also produced in various countries around the world, including California, South Africa and Turkey. The currant is very small in size; it is similar to a pea and measures only 5 to 7 mm. It has a sweet, somewhat tart flavour and is crunchy.

With its red colour, it appeals to children and is suitable for them since they can chew it without any problem being free of seeds.

Currants: Calories

The currant is a food rich in calories since a portion of 100 g provides 283 Kcal. This is why people who are on a diet are reluctant to include it in their diet.

However, according to studies conducted by the NHANES or National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, currants have significant slimming properties. These grapes from Greece have the ability to stimulate the gastrointestinal system for optimal colon cleansing.

In addition, this fruit is also integrated into the Dukan diet as part of the stabilization, which constitutes the 4th phase of the diet. Although it is a fairly caloric fruit, it is beneficial for people who want to lose weight.

Currants: Nutritional Value

In addition to the energy they provide, currants contain other essential elements such as:

– Proteins

– Carbohydrates

– Lipids

– Fibres

They also contain:

– Water

– Ashes

In addition, you should know that the currant has a glycemic index qualified as “moderate” at the rate of 64 out of 110. Its satiety index is only 0.5 out of 5. And it has an average caloric density of 2.83 out of 9.

The currant is a highly sought-after fruit. It is valued for its superfood quality. This is because of the many nutrients it contains.

Currants: Benefits and Recipes

The currant has many beneficial virtues. Already, it is known for its anti-constipation properties. After ingestion, the grapes swell due to the presence of fibres in their composition and will swell again under the effect of liquids in the body. This helps the food bolus to move toward the intestine, and this is what makes this kind of grape anticipate constipation.

Currants also help prevent cancer. This is made possible by the catechins contained therein, which counter the effect of free radicals.

Currants protect the heart thanks to the resveratrol they contain (1.9 μg•g-1). With their isoflavones, currants also improve blood circulation. As it is a sweet fruit, it provides energy which is useful for brain and physical activity.

This kind of grape is also excellent for fighting anemia since it contains a significant amount of iron (2%) in addition to the B complex vitamins. These are essential in the renewal of blood and the formation of red blood cells.

The currant is used for different culinary specialties. It has a somewhat peppery flavour that makes you want to add it to the various recipes of the day. For a successful dessert, it is advisable to opt for panettone with currants or other pastries such as clafouti, charlotte, and chocolate and raisin log.

The fruit can also be used to prepare starters such as toast, foie gras dishes or light stuffings.

Nutritional Analysis

The currant contains many essential elements, including:

– Proteins (4.08 g per 100g)

– Lipids (0.27 g per 100g)

– Carbohydrates in large quantities (74.08g per 100g).

It is a fruit that also contains many assimilated vitamins, such as:

– Vitamin C (4.7 mg per 100g)

– Thiamin (0.16mg per 100g)


– Riboflavin (0.142 mg per 100g).

Corinth grapes are also fruits that are rich in trace elements, the most important of which are:

– Potassium (892 mg per 100 g)

– Phosphorus (125 mg per 100 g).

– Calcium (86 mg per 100g).

Currants or Sultanas

There are different kinds of grapes, but the choice depends on everyone’s preferences. Consumers choose according to the taste and appearance of the fruit.

Remember that currants are small grapes that do not contain seeds. They have thin skin and a colour that tends to turn purple. These grapes have a fairly spicy but also sweet flavour. For their part, sultanas are also seedless.

Their skin is soft, and they taste quite honeyed. These are non-sulphurized grapes that take on a brown colour following desiccation. If they are sulphated, they keep a golden colour.

Benefits of Grapes Seed

Grape seeds are particularly beneficial for people with macular degeneration, as they accelerate irrigation of the retina. Multiple applications are therefore possible with this product.

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