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Their high fiber content and their cleansing and antioxidant properties are just some of the benefits of these small foods. We tell you what raisins bring to our bodies. So, continue reading the article and don’t go anywhere.

What are Raisins? 

As the name suggests, raisins are nothing more than grapes that have been dried. That is grapes that have been subjected to a process of drying and dehydration. Their taste is sweet. Therefore, they are a food widely accepted by children, although in many cases, they are difficult to introduce into the diet of the little ones.

Raisins and Their Benefits

Raisins bring us many benefits. First of all, it is one of the nuts with the lowest calories. In addition, their high fiber content makes them one of the best allies for fighting constipation and regulating intestinal transit.

Potassium is another contribution that this food can provide to our bodies. It is a mineral that promotes the proper functioning of our body. Potassium helps us to purify ourselves, favoring the elimination of liquids and toxins. In addition, these small dried fruits are rich in antioxidants, which makes them an excellent food to prevent aging.

Raisins are rich in carbohydrates, that is to say, a great source of energy for people with intense physical activity, such as children.


How to Introduce Raisins into the Diet of Children?

In the salad, in the sautéed preparation of any meal, or in a sauce. Raisins can be very easily introduced into the diet of little ones. They can even eat themselves, and their sweet taste will make the child perceive them more as a delicacy than as healthy and healthy food.

Raisins and Their Advantages

Apricots, hazelnuts, and other dried fruits are excellent sources of energy, and raisins are no exception to the rule. But its caloric intake does not make it the friend of those who watch their weight wrongly. Moreover, because rich in fructose molecules, it would facilitate diets while eliminating the inherent fatigue. Let’s discuss in this article the many virtues of this food.

The Different Varieties of Raisins

Raisins are grapes that have been dried by sun or wind drying or dehydration (in hot tunnels, after a boiling water bath). These dried fruits can come in several varieties. Varieties of grapes – Smyrna (Turkey, Sultanate of Australia, or California) are small, sweet black seedless fruits. – Malaga, its origin is Spanish: it is relatively large with seeds and develops a musky flavor. – Corinth (Greece): it is small and seedless, with a hint of peppery flavor. – known as “Caisse,” these rare grapes come from France (from the south). – Sultanas (Greece), seedless. Where to buy raisins? In supermarkets, most of these dried fruits are sprayed with oil (palm, sunflower, or rapeseed) to slow their dehydration and prevent them from sticking together, but also in delicatessens and health food organic products shops (organic grapes are preservative-free).

Their Virtues

Raisins not only combine the benefits of freshness but also provide others. However, they are more caloric than fresh grapes (very sweet, they should be consumed with caution by people who have to watch their sugar level): approximately four times more (about 300 calories per 100g of raisins). But they also contain a quadruple proportion of trace elements: calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium (combats hypertension), mineral salts, and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins (except vitamin C), in particular B. Its fibers (grape seeds are rich in pectin), of which it is generous, are very well tolerated by the body and have a favorable effect on the gastrointestinal system and the colon. This dried fruit, concentrated in polyphenols, is recommended in particular for its antioxidant qualities preserving the cardiovascular system (reduction of bad cholesterol). It also helps prevent muscle fatigue and cramps and is therefore recommended for athletes (because it facilitates rapid recovery), but also for people prone to abdominal obesity. Red grapes are also twice as rich in substances (therefore more effective than white grapes). Raisins can be cooked in culinary preparations or eaten as is, as a treat. Abdominal obesity. Red grapes are also twice as rich in substances (therefore more effective than white grapes). Raisins can be cooked in culinary preparations or eaten as a treat. Abdominal obesity. Red grapes are also twice as rich in substances (therefore more effective than white grapes). Raisins can be cooked in culinary preparations or eaten as is, as a treat.

A Few Words about Raisins

Raisins have been eaten since the time of the Pharaohs, and they believed that this dry fruit was the source of eternal life. And for the record, they were an integral part of the food of the crew of Christopher Colombus during long crossings.


Raisins, Why Is It Good?

Raisins have a high concentration of iron, magnesium, and potassium. If you want to make a simple, good, and economical vitamin cure, you have found the right product. In addition, it provides immediate energy, so it is very good for sportsmen. A handful of raisins, and it starts again!!!


Grapes are not recommended for diabetics due to their high sugar levels.

We always tell you to pay close attention to the origin of the products you consume, but in this case, it is very important to buy organic raisins. For what? Because the grapes are devoid of fat (lipid), a large number of producers add oil to them for better preservation. And yes, we live in a strange world!

Do not abuse it if you have fragile intestines because the seeds can be irritating for them.

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