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Raisins are just as popular and appreciated in Canada as in the rest of the world. They can be purchased in bulk or kilograms. However, if you want a large quantity, it would be best to buy by kilo to take advantage of an affordable price. So, let’s find out more about raisins in the following article.

Nutritional Analysis

According to the nutritional analyzes carried out for 100 grams of white grapes:

– The water content is 80.9 grams

– 0.75 of protein

– 0.01 g of saturated fatty acids

– 16.6 g of carbohydrates

– 15. 5 g sugar

– 1 g fibre

– 0.076 g organic acids

For minerals and trace elements, grapes contain:

– 12 mg of calcium

– 0.19 mg of copper

– 0.2 mg of iron

– 7.6 mg of magnesium

– 0.08 mg of manganese

– 200 mg of potassium

– 0.05mg zinc

Raisins and Diabetes

Contrary to popular belief, raisins do not pose a threat to diabetics. According to a large number of studies, green raisins and golden raisins help with drops in insulin levels in diabetics. The proof: they are able to reduce postprandial insulin carryover.

They also make it possible to modulate the absorption of sugar by the body, but also the release of ghrelin and leptin, which make them promising allies for maintaining a good diet and overcoming diabetes. However, raisins should be eaten in moderation as they are packed with triglycerides that can cause the development of diabetes.

Raisin and Constipation

Raisins relieve constipation due to their high fructose content and laxative properties. Concretely, once ingested, this type of dried fruit begins to swell because of the body’s natural liquids, which will help to give volume to food in the intestinal tract, thus having the effect of relieving constipation.

In addition, the raisin manages to eliminate soft stools through its fibre content which can absorb the liquid of these and therefore limit the frequency of diarrhea.

Raisin and Bodybuilding

Raisins are ideal for athletes. Like sports chewing gums, it has energizing properties due to its high content of carbohydrates (65g/100g) and vitamins (B1 with 125μg/100g and C with 103mg/100g).

But again and above all, raisins are more affordable and natural than the famous gummies. Thanks to the calories it contains, athletes will benefit from the energy necessary for their muscular exercise.

Raisin and Diet

A source of fructose molecules, raisins are on a mission to make the diet easier. They also have prebiotic properties stimulating the gastrointestinal system while positively affecting colon health.

And according to the studies conducted, people who regularly consume raisins are not prone to obesity disease. An undeniable slimming ally, raisins reduce abdominal fat.

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