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Brown Rice and Its Nutritional Benefits

Today, rice, like pasta, is a must in our small dishes. You may already be an expert in risotto, paella or rice pudding yourself. But have you heard of brown rice? The latter can be consumed in the same way as white rice while adding new flavour notes to your meals. It goes perfectly with meat or legumes. Undeniable nutritional benefits accompany its taste qualities. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, brown rice has it all. And brown rice flour is a good substitute for classic wheat flour for gluten-free cakes and pastries. Continue reading the article to find out everything about brown rice.

What Is Brown Rice

There are three types of rice: white rice, semi-complete rice and brown rice, also called brown rice or cargo rice. The latter, very widely consumed, is the most present on the shelves of our grocery stores. However, brown and semi-brown rice is very healthy and has undeniable nutritional benefits. But then, what differentiates them?

Whole or Semi-Whole Rice

Unlike white rice, brown rice is unrefined. When we harvest this cereal, we simply remove the inedible pod, and its natural envelope is preserved. We distinguish in this film the bran and the germ, rich in fibres, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

For semi-complete rice, the bran envelope is lightly polished. Its thickness and the nutrients it contains are therefore reduced, but its cooking time is halved.

The Different Types of Brown Rice

Rice is a cereal that is part of the Poaceae family, along with wheat and barley. Thousands of varieties are grown around the world. Rice fields are mostly found on the Asian continent, where the subtropical and tropical climate is ideal for its cultivation. But there are also rice fields in Europe, especially in Italy and the Camargue.

All brown grains of rice are not created equal. Depending on the variety chosen, the cooking time and taste are not the same. There are several types of brown rice:

  • whole basmati rice
  • whole thai rice
  • whole round rice
  • brown long rice
  • wholemeal Camargue rice
  • whole red rice
  • whole black rice

Nutritional Benefits of Brown Rice

Nutritional Contributions and Benefits (Good Fats, Proteins, Micronutrients, Etc.)

When you eat brown rice, you eat the grain of white rice, but also its envelope (composed of bran and germ). The bran, on its own, is a concentration of fibre, vitamins and proteins, and essential minerals contained in the bran and germ.

In addition, the glycemic index of brown rice is lower than white rice (50/100 g against 70/100 g). As a reminder, this index classifies foods on a scale of 0 to 100 (100 corresponding to pure glucose). Its purpose is to measure the blood sugar level after ingestion. The higher the glycemic index, the greater the risk of early cravings after meals.

White Rice or Brown Rice?

White and brown rice, therefore, have different nutritional intakes. White rice, while not completely out of your diet, is less nutrient dense than unrefined brown rice.

Does Brown Rice Contain Gluten?

Rice is a cereal that does not contain gluten, unlike wheat or spelled. It can therefore be suitable for anyone who is intolerant or allergic, suffering from celiac disease or wishing to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet.

Brown Rice and Digestion

Thanks to its average glycemic index (50 per 100 g), brown rice has a satiating power because it allows slow digestion. Unlike white rice, it is high in fibre, and it, therefore, facilitates intestinal transit for anyone suffering from constipation.

Brown Rice and Diabetes

In France, 92% of people with diabetes suffer from type 2 diabetes. The causes of this diabetes can be genetic. But they can also be due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle and our unbalanced diet.

In 2010, an American study highlighted the benefits of consuming whole grains (including brown rice) if you suffer from type 2 diabetes. The results even tend to show that consuming them would be a protective factor against diabetes. Brown rice has a lower glycemic index than white rice and should be preferred if you suffer from this disease.

Whole Rice for Baby

During the first months, a baby only needs breast milk or formula. The introduction of cereals comes later, around five months of the child, at the time of diversification.

Most of the time, these cereals are offered in the form of flour incorporated into the milk. Rice flour is gluten-free and compared to wheat flour, it is, therefore, easier to digest. It also has the advantage of being rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. In the market, a wide variety of white or brown rice flour from organic farming is available.

Rice cream is also excellent for babies. From a nutritional point of view, it completes its vitamin needs, especially vitamin B1. You can incorporate it as a supplement in baby’s milk or in its vegetable puree.

Whole Grain Bodybuilding Rice

Among sportsmen practicing bodybuilding, a rumour indicates that rice will make you fat. However, it is an excellent source of energy thanks to its high carbohydrate content.

The bran and germ of brown rice are rich in Vitamin B9. This plays a major role in the renewal of our cells, reduces fatigue and supports our immune system.

Where to Buy Organic Brown Rice?

As you have understood, it is preferable to opt for brown rice from organic farming. Indeed, the envelope of the cereal is more exposed to possible pesticides. Many rice brands are now marketing all types of wholemeal and semi-wholegrain organic rice.

You are now ready to cook brown rice optimally. This cereal, with multiple facets, guarantees you great culinary discoveries in addition to giving you the gift of significant nutritional benefits.

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