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Cilantro Lime Rice


If you’re something like me, you like cilantro lime rice. in conjunction with tasting superb on its personal, it is going with the whole lot and is an extraordinary facet dish. In case you’ve ever had Chipotle cilantro lime rice, you understand how addictive it’s miles. it could go in burritos, in bowls, or on a mixture plate. The first-class element of this recipe is that it comes together so easily. It’s virtually perfect for a weeknight dinner or meal prep. I consider cilantro lime rice as the intense, tart, clean cousin to arroz rojo or tomato-tinged Mexican rice. if you’re a rice lover, you’ll need to make this recipe, stat.

What’s Cilantro Lime Rice?

Cilantro lime rice is fluffy lengthy grain rice with cilantro and lime. It sounds easy, but like all delicious and good recipes, the dish is a lot greater than the elements. Cilantro lime rice is sparkling and vivid, fluffy, and complete of herby cilantro taste. It goes especially nicely with Mexican meals and is relatively remarkable with Asian food too! The name of the game to making brilliant cilantro lime rice

Cilantro Lime Rice

Cilantro Lime Rice Substances



Traditional lengthy-grain white rice is what is satisfactory – it’s fluffy and loose. You can get American long-grain white rice, Jasmine, or basmati. I decide on American long-grain white rice for this dish. greater on rice preference underneath.

Impartial Oil or Butter

We’re going to toast the grains of rice to cause them to flavor barely nutty and even greater like rice. you can use butter for a slightly richer taste or an impartial oil.

Bay Leaves

Mexican bay leaves (pictured beneath) are critical to Mexican food. They upload a slight avocado herby flavor and that “can’t pretty put your finger on it taste” that offers nicely made Mexican meals its real taste. Mexican bay leaves are slightly extra mellow than your classic American bay leaf. You may buy Mexican bay leaves within the Mexican aisle in the grocery keep or online.

Lime Juice and Zest

Fresh is quality and we’re going to use both the zest and juice for the ultimate shiny and fresh lime flavor.


Clean inexperienced flecks of cilantro upload a massive hit of herbaceous taste. We’re going for max cilantro taste with a half cup of loosely packed, freshly chopped leaves and gentle stems.


you want the salt to bring out the flavors of the rice, lime, and cilantro. I begin with 1/four teaspoon while cooking, then flavor and as greater if needed. absolutely everyone’s salt preference is one of a kind, so ensure to season to flavor.


 In case you’re no longer vegetarian, use a low sodium fowl inventory to prepare dinner your rice in place of water. it’s going to infuse each grain of rice with a mild hen flavor.

Cilantro Lime Rice


How to Cook



The important thing to fluffy, wonderful grains of rice is rinsing off any starch that might be on the out of doors. to begin, wash the rice in an exceptional mesh strainer in the sink, rinsing with bloodless tap water and swirling the grains along with your palms. Drain the rice nicely.


After that, warm up 1 tbsp impartial oil or butter till warm in a saucepan or sauce pot with a tightly becoming lid, add the drained rice, and toast over medium-high, stirring sometimes, until the grains appear translucent and turn barely golden. while the rice is translucent, stir inside the minced garlic and toast for some other minute. Add water, lime zest, a bay leaf, and salt to the pot. Then, carry the pot to a boil over high heat, and while bubbly, cover it with a lid, then turn the warmth down to the bottom it could go. cook for 18 minutes, covered.


When the 18 minutes are up, take away the pot, with the lid on, from the warmth and allow take a seat and steam for any other 10 minutes with the lid on.


In the end, put off the lid and bay leaf and fluff up the rice, the use of a rice paddle or silicone spatula to gently scoop and mix up rice, moving the grains across the pot, fluffing, and aerating to eliminate any lumps.


Add the lime juice and cilantro and toss lightly to incorporate. Taste and season with greater salt if wished. revel in!

Cilantro Lime Rice in The Rice Cooker

The main difference between stove pinnacle and rice cooker cilantro lime rice is the rice-to-water ratio. For a rice cooker, you want 1 cup of water for 1 cup of rice. Start off by rinsing your rice in a pleasant sieve, then drain properly. Skip out on toasting the rice – rice cookers don’t get warm enough. in case you want to toast your rice, do it on the stove in a pan, then upload it to the rice cooker pot. In any other case, upload 1 cup of rice in conjunction with 1 cup water, 1 clove minced garlic, 1 tbsp oil, lime zest from 1 lime, 1 bay leaf, and 1/four tsp salt. Cook the rice and when it’s carried out, open the rice cooker, and put off the bay leaf. Then, fluff the rice with lime juice and cilantro. revel in!

Cilantro Lime Rice in The Immediate Pot

The principle difference between the range top and the spot Pot cilantro lime rice is the rice-to-water ratio. You must effectively want 1 cup of water for 1 cup of rice. First of all, rinse your rice in a nice sieve, then drain properly. Then, flip the instant pot on sauté excessively and toast the rice inside the oil, stirring now and again, until gently golden. Add the garlic and prepare dinner for 1 minute, stirring. After that, add 1 cup water, lime zest from 1 lime, 1 bay leaf, and 1/four tsp salt. Cook on excessive pressure for 3 minutes then herbal release for 10 mins. Whilst the 10 mins are up, vent the pot, get rid of the bay leaf, and fluff the rice with the lime juice and cilantro. experience!





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