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Cholesterol, heart, transit, line, and the benefits of nuts are diverse in your body. We are going to explain to you why you will soon not be able to do without these little seeds.

In the rest of this article, the term “nuts” refers to all shelled fruits, that is to say, walnutshazelnutsalmondspistachios and cashews and not just walnut fruits.

A natural appetite suppressant, walnuts are a “superfood,” rich in antioxidants, to adopt as quickly as possible in your daily life! From the family of the sweet name of oilseed, the nut is known in several forms. With more than one trick in their shell, the nuts have incredible virtues and are anything but a product at the nuts, and we reveal all their secrets!

Gourmet Health Allies

Walnuts are ultra-rich in fibre but also in protein. They can be added to breakfast cereals, as a crunchy touch in your sweet or savoury dishes, or even as a snack, guilt-free! Although quite high in calories, they stall quickly, and we rarely eat 1kg of them (although that would be nice, 100% nut meals), and their calories are “good” calories, beneficial to our body. Of course, we prefer them to be natural, organic and raw, but especially without salt! The intake of salt, unnatural, sometimes in large quantities, is really not a must in terms of health.

In the Middle Ages, walnut jam recipes were even developed and have been very successful over the centuries! The first saw the light of day in the 13th century: it consisted of immersing the nuts in water for ten days to eliminate their potential “toxicity” – at the time, the popular belief was that the toxicity of the walnut extends to its fruit. – then add ginger and cloves before boiling everything in honey.


Dried Fruits That Peel

Walnuts are real fighters, guiding a whole army of antioxidants in our body; they lead the fight against diabetes – especially type 2 diabetes -and cholesterol – walnuts are high in cholesterol, but beware of misconceptions: it is a false enemy. 80% of cholesterol is produced by our liver; it is “good” cholesterol, necessary for our body to give us maximum energy! Consuming some good fats to fill the remaining 20% is important, and nuts are relentless in the discipline. In addition to their contributions, they are two-in-one by neutralizing, like the Jedi of food, the “bad” cholesterol that would have developed in our bodies.

The Heart Has Its Reasons That Reason Ignores. A Nutty Story?

In antiquity, walnuts were thought to be good for the brain because of their shape. The dubious scientific method, this theory has been confirmed centuries later: walnuts are good for thinking, help proper functioning memory and stimulate concentration due to their high omega three and vitamin E content. According to certain American scientific studies, it would even reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or fighting its development. And in addition to being our brain’s best friend – let’s talk about a privileged relationship here – she is also our heart’s best friend! No jealousy: its high omega-3 content boosts our system, gives us good cardiovascular health, limits the risk of cardiovascular accidents, and helps regulate the heart by circulating blood!

Goodbye Stress: You Won’t Have Our Skin!

Rich in phytosterols, walnuts help reduce stress. They are full of melatonin, known as the “sleep hormone,” and they can help us have better nights. Good sleep would be the first factor of happiness. So for once, we validate 100%!

Good taste and medicinal virtues help to procreate happiness. What more could you ask for? Well, the little extra that we appreciate: For an (almost) eternal youth, the walnut helps to fight against unwanted wrinkles because of its high vitamin E content. And its oil, used wisely, tackles acne. Useful at any age to have peachy skin; so much reason to limit very expensive products in favour of the benefits of nature, which are not worth more than a handful of peanuts!

The Trick Plus: Crack Nuts without Breaking Your Head!

So many frustrations arose. We tried relentlessly to crack nuts, trying to fall on the perfect kernel without the slightest trace of breakage. Yet, to the dismay of all the perfectionists on earth, it was all the same, much more likely that we burst it into a thousand pieces.

So what’s the trick to cracking nuts – literally, of course, or whatever –? So, hitting it with a hammer can be a solution to breaking the nuts and the soundboard. But otherwise, you can simply try not to break them at the weld of the two parts of the shell! Instinctively, this is where you would force, but here you go, the facts are there: slightly turn the dry fruit a quarter turn and force parallel to the weld on both sides and there is a miracle: you have a much better chance of getting a nice kernel out of it. This little trick can also help regulate stress!

So many reasons to adopt it: The nuts can be eaten all year round in dry form after their harvest in September-October.

The Benefits of Nuts

Nuts are high in fibre. Take a few before meals to delay hunger pangs. Once in the stomach, the nuts swell with water and thus give you the impression of being already full. The high fibre content of nuts also helps regulate intestinal transit.

Just like pistachios and almonds, walnuts are also nuts that are very popular. Their health benefits are their main strengths, in addition to their taste which is particularly tasty.

Indeed, many scientific studies prove that walnuts act like a natural medicine. They, therefore, have a curative interest but also a preventive one in many diseases.

Walnuts are high in plant sterols, so they help regulate blood cholesterol levels. Regulating the level of bad cholesterol in the blood helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Walnuts are also high in omega-3s and magnesium, so they help keep the heart working properly.

Nuts are powerful antioxidants, and they help fight against free radicals responsible for aging skin. For example, consuming 25g of fresh walnuts as a snack at 11 a.m. contributes to the necessary intake of vitamin B, potassium, iron, copper and zinc.


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