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Whether white, brown, long or in small grains, rice is an extremely popular staple food, which can be cooked in all sauces!

Always a Success

Gross rice production continues to climb worldwide. No need to look far for a reason for such success: rice is a starchy food with a subtle taste and a pleasant texture that goes wonderfully with many dishes! It has been the staple food for billions of people for millennia, particularly in Central and East Asia.

Make no mistake: even in its natural form, rice comes in an impressive array of shapes, colours, and flavours. And it’s a godsend for anyone wanting to eat healthy food. Here is some information that will help you market well.

White Rice, Brown Rice: What Are The Differences?

When harvested, the inedible rice husk – also called the husk – is removed. Three other envelopes remain, which are called the sound and the grain itself. When you remove the bran, you get white rice. When the bran remains, you get brown rice. Thus, all varieties can give white rice or brown rice depending on how it is worked.

From a strictly energetic point of view, whether white or brown, nothing resembles a grain of rice more than another grain of rice, whatever its variety – with the exception of wild rice and red rice, which is not strictly speaking rice. However, there are real differences when looking at vitamins, minerals and fibre. Devoid of bran, the final product loses vitamins and trace elements. Brown rice has other advantages: it is also a much better source of fibre, at 3.5g per 200g compared to 0.6g for white rice!

Cook Only The Right Amount.

Estimating the amount of rice grains needed before cooking is sometimes difficult. Unless we know that rice triples when cooked, so if you want about 100g of cooked rice, you will need to cook about 30g of rice grains! Namely: the ratio is practically the same as for pasta! Boiled in a large volume of water, the rice cooks between 10 and 12 minutes (regardless of the variety).

Which Rice, Which Dish?

For pilafs or rice whose preparation involves frying it, opt more for long rice, whose grains do not stick together and absorb a little less water. It is often one of the best choices to accompany most of your dishes.

For dishes like paella, the intermediate size is a must. The grains stick just enough to retain the juices and thicken the dish – the grains also swell more. It is also the category of arborio rice, essential for cooking risotto or rich desserts, such as rice pudding.

The smaller sizes are very popular in East Asian kitchens. The price of some sushi rice can skyrocket!

You should also know that so-called “wild” rice is only rice in the name – the plant is genetically distant from common rice varieties. It is nonetheless very good – and can be an original alternative for certain dishes. On the cooking side, plan to let it simmer a little more than classic rice – wild rice also swells less than rice.

How to Store Rice Properly?

It is better not to buy too much rice: although considered non-perishable, rice goes rancid over time – especially brown rice, because of the fatty acids contained in the germ. And particularly also, if it is exposed to the sun and humidity.

Keeping the rice in a closed container as soon as the sachet is opened is advisable to slow down this effect. It is also best to store it in a cool, dry place away from light.

Five Benefits of Rice on the Body

You know it by its flavours in your dishes of Khao pad (fried rice typical of central Thai cuisine), stuffed peppers or even paella, but rice is not just a dish. It has many virtues which you may not have suspected. Discover its benefits for your health.

1 – Regulate Transit

Here is a 100% natural grandmother’s remedy for people who have difficulty digesting. Thanks to its fibres, rice will allow you to regain the proper functioning of your digestion and reduce your intestinal pain.

In case of diarrhea, consuming white rice or cooking water is recommended. This helps to rehydrate and improve the consistency of the stool. If you’re constipated, go for wholemeal. To fight against colic, I prefer short and round rice.

2 – Allows You to Fill Up With Vitamins and Fibre

Rice is a shot of vitamins and fibre for its eaters. Indeed, this food is composed of B vitamins, known to prevent cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis (bone disease) and have an impact on depression.

It also contains vitamin B1, which promotes the normal growth of the organism, and B3, necessary for the formation of DNA. Finally, B6 forms red blood cells. Besides these elements, rice is rich in potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which are good for your health too. Do not hesitate to enjoy a delicious bowl of rice!

3 – Rice Is Ideal For Gluten-Intolerant People

People with celiac (chronic and autoimmune intestinal disease linked to the ingestion of gluten) will be delighted to know that rice will be their future ally. Whether whole, red, brown, or white, there is no trace of gluten in rice. Rice is perfectly compatible with gluten-intolerant diets, unlike wheat, rye, or oats.

4 – Prevents Certain Diseases

As said before, rice has many virtues. And the combination of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants is very beneficial for health. Indeed, epidemiological studies have shown that the components of brown rice would reduce many diseases. Among others, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity and even certain cancers.

5 – Heals the Hair

In addition to its digestive and health benefits, rice is a great hair companion. This is because the starch in rice absorbs excess oil from your hair. It is notably used in dry shampoos. Starch is also a very effective treatment for detangling, smoothing, softening the hair and soothing the scalp.

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