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It is not always easy to know what is good for the health of our dog or our cat! When it comes to food, the various sources of information and commercial offers of all kinds tend to create confusion about good and bad foods!

Generally, it is possible to offer your dog a diet based on croquettes, or a “homemade” ration. In this article, we answer all your questions about using rice in dogs.

Seven Benefits of Giving Rice to Your Dog

Rich in Antioxidants

Rice is rich in antioxidants, especially brown rice. As a reminder, antioxidants limit the damage caused by free radicals in the body. These are implicated in the appearance of certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases and age-related disorders.

Indeed, in the envelope of brown rice rich in rice bran, more than 70% of the components would be tocotrienols (vitamin E), a type of antioxidant.

Additionally, studies done on animals and humans with high cholesterol have shown that these tocotrienols fight cholesterol.

High in Fibre

Brown rice is particularly high in fibre since its rice bran husk is packed with soluble fibre. Fibre facilitates intestinal transit and must therefore be offered in a reasoned way so as not to cause diarrhea.

High in Carbohydrates

Rice is a food rich in complex carbohydrates (78%) or slow sugars present in the form of starch (amylose and amylopectin). It does not contain gluten. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. However, they must be consumed without excess to avoid overweight and obesity.

Prevents Cancers

Rice bran contains lectin (Rice Bran Agglutinin), which has been shown in vitro to inhibit the growth of human cancer cells. To the extent that the lectin resists passage through the stomach, it could remain active and retain its properties.

Source of Phosphorus and Magnesium

Rice is a source of phosphorus, a mineral essential to the body. Indeed, phosphorus has a crucial role in the formation and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. It also participates in the growth and regeneration of tissues. It is also a component of cell membranes and helps maintain the pH balance of the blood.

Brown rice is also a source of magnesium, a fundamental element for bone development, protein formation, enzymatic reactions, dental health, muscle contraction and the proper functioning of the immune system. Magnesium also participates in the transmission of nerve impulses and energy metabolism.

Rich in Trace Elements

Rice is rich in manganese and selenium, especially brown rice. Manganese participates in various metabolic processes and prevents damage caused by free radicals. As for selenium, it promotes the action of thyroid hormones and prevents the formation of free radicals in the body.

Rice is also a source of zinc which promotes immune reactions, fetal development and genome production. Zinc also helps wound healing and the production and release of insulin from the pancreas.

Rice is also rich in copper, which is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin and collagen (protein at the base of the manufacture and repair of tissues) in the body. Copper also fights free radicals.

Brown rice is also a source of iron, essential for the transport of oxygen and the formation of red blood cells in the blood. Iron is an important element in the production of new cells, hormones and neurotransmitters.

Source of vitamin B

Brown rice is a food rich in vitamins:

  • B1: it is also called thiamine and participates in the production of energy from ingested enzymes. It is necessary for harmonious growth and promotes nerve impulses.
  • B3: niacin participates in various metabolic reactions and allows the production of energy from carbohydrates, lipids, and ingested proteins. Like thiamin, it promotes balanced growth and plays a role in DNA manufacturing.

White rice and brown rice provide vitamins:

  • B5: also called pantothenic acid, it guarantees proper use of the energy from the food consumed. Vitamin B5 is also a major element in the production of steroid hormones, hemoglobin and neurotransmitters.
  • B6: pyridoxine promotes the metabolism of proteins, fatty acids and neurotransmitters. It also helps make red blood cells and nerve cells. Vitamin B6 also plays a major role in the process of transforming glycogen into glucose and promotes the proper functioning of the immune system.

Why Give Rice To Your Dog?


White rice is very suitable if your dog suffers from occasional diarrhea. Indeed, the starch contained in the rice forms a kind of glue in the intestines which will slow down the transit and therefore limit its evolution. It is recommended to cook it well and also offers cooking water to your dog.

However, it is not medicine! If your dog suffers from chronic or significant diarrhea, it is advisable to consult your veterinarian. Diagnosing and implementing treatment is necessary, especially since diarrhea can quickly cause dehydration in your dog.


Brown rice has an action contrary to white rice at the digestive level since it will allow your dog to fight against constipation.

Rich in soluble fibre, brown rice will retain water in the digestive system and promote stool formation (volume and weight).

Attention! If your dog has been constipated for several days, brown rice is not a suitable solution. It is advisable to research the cause of this constipation with your veterinarian to relieve your animal and detect possible health problems.

Lack of Tone

Sometimes dogs are apathetic or show a lack of enthusiasm in their daily activities. If this is the case for your dog, rice can help him regain his energy. Indeed, the carbohydrates contained in rice are essential for the proper functioning of the body in dogs, as in humans.

They are the basis of cell activity, especially in the muscles, heart and brain. Part of the ingested carbohydrates is broken down into glucose and distributed throughout the body. Another part is stored as reserves in the liver and muscles. Whether your dog suffers temporary fatigue, whether he is sick or convalescing, do not hesitate to provide him with this essential fuel!

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