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If we are sure of something, it is that dried fruits are very beneficial for our bodies. They provide athletes with the energy and can help us fight or avoid health problems such as diabetes, overweight, or bone problems. In addition to being beneficial, dried fruits are delicious. Continue reading the article to get more in-depth knowledge.

Dried Fruits Are Always Present.

Fruit comes from the Latin word fructus, which refers to certain plants that house and protect seeds. While the adjective dry qualifies the fruit as having no liquid. Therefore, dried fruits are the ones that lack juice, and it is a very hard shell with less than 50% water content. Despite their low water and carbohydrate content, they are high in protein and fat.

Properties and Benefits of Dried Fruits

Dried fruits have a very high energy content. They are characterized by a high level of proteins, fats, and vitamins of group B.

It is true that dried fruits are considered very caloric, but we must know how to optimize their consumption because their contribution can be very positive for our bodies. Next, we will show you the properties and benefits of nuts:

Mineral Source

They are a source of minerals. They provide magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, and trace elements such as zinc and selenium, antioxidant properties.

Rich in Vitamins

Excellent supply of vitamins. Dried fruits are rich in vitamins like B1 or B3. In addition to this, they are also one of the most abundant plant sources of vitamin E.

Source of Healthy Fats

Rich in healthy fats. Dried fruits are attributed to cardiovascular properties for having a high content of mono, omega three, and omega six fatty acids. Essential acids for our body.

Contains Vegetable Protein

They provide vegetable protein. Thanks to the contribution of said vegetable protein, it makes nuts ideal foods, in moderate quantities, for after physical exercise.

Rich in Fibre

Dried fruits help us control our appetite and regulate intestinal transit. In addition, they are considered protective foods because they help reduce LDL cholesterol levels while increasing HDL cholesterol.

Without a doubt, dried fruits are one of the few foods with a large body of scientific evidence of their good health.

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