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One must prefer certain fruits to eat healthy and take care of their body daily. If vegetables are an essential pillar of a healthy diet, this is also the case for dried fruits, nuts, and cereals. By consuming them regularly and preferably choosing them organic, these products will quickly become allies for your health. Rich in fibre, vitamins, and minerals but also in antioxidants, they are essential elements of a quality diet! But what are the actual benefits of these nuts on your health? Could almonds, walnuts, and hazelnuts help you relax while fighting heart disease? A brief overview of the extraordinary powers of these healthy snacks.


What Are The Real Health Benefits Of Nuts?. 

Dried Fruits, Cereals and Nuts: Various Benefits.

Stress Reduction

Diabetes Prevention.

Better Heart Health.

Digestion and Satiety.

Reduced Risk of Hypertension.

How Do You Eat These Dried Fruits As A Snack During Your Day?

Calorie But Healthy.

To Be Enjoyed Naturally, At Work, At Home or Before Sports.

Avoid Foods That Are Too Sweet Or Too Salty.

Dried Fruits, Cereals and Nuts: Various Benefits

Various studies have already proven the health benefits of nuts. It is no coincidence that they are found more and more often in healthy recipes in various forms. But do you really know what dried fruits, cereals, and nuts can provide you with on a daily basis? Their advantages are numerous; here is a non-exhaustive list:

Stress Reduction

First of all, dried fruits have a positive effect on your brain. This is particularly the case with nuts, whose resemblance to a brain can also be striking! Following several studies, it has been proven that this food rich in omega-3 helps preserve mental abilities.

The nut is also beneficial for improving memory, as well as increasing concentration and, more generally, mental skills.

This amazing fruit also finds its use in times of stress. In fact, the magnesium they contain has a positive effect in reducing anxiety, which helps to regain calm in times of stress and tension.

Diabetes Prevention

Dried fruits also help fight diabetes. A study carried out by the American Heart Association confirms that people who consumed at least 30 g of nuts per week had a 30% lower risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

These fruits prevent diabetes thanks to their action on insulin, a hormone developed by the brain to help regulate the level of sugar present in the blood.

Better Heart Health

In addition to helping fight diabetes, dried fruits are also effective in taking care of our hearts. The heart is a fragile muscle that can suffer from many complications. Eating dried fruits on a daily basis helps preserve the heart at any age.

This positive effect on the heart is linked, on the one hand, to the reduction of stress, but also to the benefits of dried fruits on cardiovascular disorders. These foods reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood, thanks to polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Digestion and Satiety

Finally, it is also important to remember that beyond their high content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, oilseeds are particularly rich in fibre. Fibre is effective in improving digestion and is also a very good appetite suppressant to limit our food intake.

When fibres are ingested, they will naturally swell once in contact with the liquids present in the stomach. Thus, their size will double, taking up more space in the stomach. As a result, the brain will receive a satiety response, which will help decrease the amount of food consumed.

Reduced Risk of Hypertension

Another essential nutrient for a balanced diet, potassium – present in particular in almonds – helps reduce the risk of hypertension.

How Do You Eat These Dried Fruits As A Snack During Your Day?

All these positive effects will certainly make you want to enjoy dried fruits in turn. However, how should you consume them on a daily basis without distorting their varied properties? You will see that there are different ways, but the best is to go natural!

Calorie But Healthy

We often hear that oilseeds are high in calories. Thus, they would not be as good for our organism as one might imagine, and they could even have a negative impact on our weight. Fake!

Admittedly, two-thirds of these foods are actually made up of fat and should, therefore, be eaten in reasonable quantities. A handful will be enough to enjoy their benefits on a daily basis.

In reality, it is necessary to distinguish between “bad” calories and “good” calories. The latter is made up of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, in other words, omega nine and omega 3, essential nutrients for the body.

Thus, these unsaturated fats are not responsible for weight gain, and they even help fight against certain cardiovascular diseases.

To Be Enjoyed Naturally, At Work, At Home or Before Sports

In order to make the most of these products and their benefits, it is advisable to favour the consumption of these products in their natural and organic version. At home, take, for example, a handful of hazelnuts for dessert or as a snack when you feel hungry between two meals.

Thanks to their beneficial effects on your brain and on your mental capacities, these dried fruits should also find their place in your workplace.

Oilseeds are also an excellent source of energy and, as such, represent a ready-made snack before your sports session.

Avoid Foods That Are Too Sweet Or Too Salty.

Although some brands can “surf” the trend of dried fruits in dietetics, you should still be wary of preparations that are too sweet or too salty. Even if the latter contain dried fruits, their high sugar or salt content could distort their effects and be a source of “bad” calories.

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