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Which Rice For Which Recipe?

Depending on the preparation you want to make, you have to choose a rice that will be adapted to the recipe. Not every variety lends itself to every type of dish. The shorter and rounder the rice, the more starch it contains. Thanks to the stickiness of this molecule, this type of rice will therefore be reserved for creamy or even sticky preparations. Conversely, the longer and thinner the rice, the less sticky its texture will be after cooking. Continue reading the article to learn more about some amazing dishes that you can prepare with rice in your kitchen.

Here are some common rice recipes.

Rice Pilaf

To prepare rice pilaf, choose long-grain basmati rice. Above all, you don’t have to rinse it. On the contrary, it is grilled in a pan with olive oil. We usually add chopped onions and some spices (turmeric, saffron). Just stir until the grains are almost transparent, then pour the water all at once (50 cl for 250 g of rice). Water can also be replaced with beef or vegetable broth. Cooking must continue covered until the liquid is completely absorbed.

This recipe can be eaten as a single dish by adding vegetables cut into thin strips or as an accompaniment to a curry or a lentil dhal.

Cantonese Rice

The basic Chinese recipe for fried rice is actually called “Yangzhou fried rice.” Its French revisited version is usually made with basmati rice. The latter must be rinsed underwater several times to eliminate as much starch as possible. Indeed, it is not its stickiness that is sought in this type of recipe, but rather a firmer and non-sticky texture. The rice must first cook in cold water, which takes 12 to 15 minutes to cook once the water boils.

The rice is then garnished with various choice ingredients: peas, eggs, ham, prawns, and onions.


Creole Rice

This cooking method is the most common in France. The rice, rinsed or not, is poured into a large volume of salted boiling water. After 10 to 15 minutes of cooking, it is drained. We prefer a long-grain variety such as basmati or Camargue rice to make Creole rice. The Creole rice can then be garnished with a sauce, for example.

Rice for Sushi

If you want to start making Japanese sushi, you need sticky white rice with a lot of starch. Sushi is a dish that is widely celebrated all across the globe, and people from different countries love to eat sushi. The two main ingredients of sushi are fish and rice. Different types of sushi are available in the market, like sushi with cooked fish and sushi with uncooked fish. The original sushi recipe goes with uncooked fish, but many people don’t prefer to eat uncooked fish, so they prefer sushi with half-cooked fish or full-cooked fish. After cooking the amazing sushi dish, the rice grains should clump together into a viscous paste that forms the basis of sushi. Round rice is, therefore, considered ideal for this type of recipe.

Milk Rice

A sweet culinary specialty, rice pudding must be prepared with a round dessert rice rich in starch. It will thus serve as a thickener. The milk, meanwhile, should be whole for an even creamier recipe. However, it is possible to replace it with a vegetable drink, especially for vegans.

To make a delicious rice pudding, boil the drink with organic sugar and a vanilla pod. These last two ingredients will be dosed according to your taste. When the milk is boiling, slowly pour the rice into it. Then cook over low heat. Lower the heat when the rice is cooked, and let the seeds soak up the cooking milk.

This dish can be eaten hot, warm or cold, but not frozen.


How to Make Sticky Rice?

To prepare glutinous rice, you must start by choosing short-grain rice, which, as we have seen, contains much more starch than long-grain rice. The starch will serve as a binder and give the desired sticky texture. Always with the aim of preserving this molecule, the rice will not be rinsed beforehand, which would eliminate a significant quantity of starch. The rice should be cooked in a pot of water with a lid. Traditionally, sticky rice is steamed in small wicker baskets.

How Much Rice per Person?

The recommended amount of rice for one person is 60 to 70 grams or the equivalent of half a glass. It does not seem like much, but you should know that rice swells when cooked and can thus double or even triple in volume.

When cooking for several people, simply multiply this quantity according to the number of guests; if you are four, count 70 grams per plate multiplied by 4:280. You can therefore provide 300 grams of raw rice to leave you a little extra, just in case!

Rice, a Gluten-Free Cereal

Rice is naturally gluten-free and is, therefore, the food of choice for intolerant people. Moreover, this cereal is available in different products that can be consumed by people allergic to gluten, such as rice vermicelli or rice flour. The latter is ideal for replacing traditional wheat flour in culinary preparations.


Where to Buy Rice?

The flagship ingredient of our plates, rice offers an infinite number of recipes, savory or sweet. It provides energy in the form of carbohydrates and essential nutrients. Each variety has its own nutritional value and uses. Knowing the different prices well allows you to broaden the field of possibilities in terms of gastronomy!

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