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Although some dried fruits have a bad reputation for making us gain weight, if we include raisins in our breakfast, we will get many benefits and extra vitamins and minerals. Raisins do more than help with constipation. Even if you don’t believe it, these little gifts of nature are treasure troves of benefits for our health.

Dehydrated fruits such as dried figs or dates, for example, are subjected to a delicate drying process that reduces their water content to leave only the most powerful nutrients.

This dark color is already an indication of their energy power and the high content of antioxidants found in their delicious pulp. If we consume it in a balanced way and especially during the first hours of the day, our bodies will thank us.

We invite you to discover six reasons to include raisins in your breakfast.

Raisins Reduce Hypertension

Raisins help us lower blood pressure and protect our heart health.

  • You should know, however, that they contain glucose.
  • The key to their benefits is therefore found in regular but always moderate consumption.
  • If you take, for example, a handful of raisins, you will benefit from its high level of potassium, which is excellent for reducing blood vessel tension and lowering blood pressure.
  • In addition, the dietary fibers of raisins take care of the biochemistry of blood vessels while reducing their stiffness.

If you accompany your breakfast with this type of dried fruit in a good cup of oats, you will face the day knowing that you are taking care of your cardiovascular health.


They Are Energetic And Help Us Fight Against Anemia.

Raisins contain a considerable amount of iron capable of helping us to treat anemia.

  • In addition, they are rich in B vitamins, essential for the formation of new blood.
  • Their high copper content also promotes the proper formation of red blood cells in the blood.

On the other hand, let’s not forget that any good breakfast must be energetic. Raisins are very high in carbohydrates, which is ideal for avoiding the classic mid-morning diet crash.

They will help you purify your body.

You can make the most of the natural virtues of raisins by consuming the water obtained after a night of maceration.

  • Our body has its own mechanisms for its natural purification. But we can help in this task by using these remedies that optimize liver and kidney function.
  • Motivate yourself to try this raisin water you will get by soaking them overnight. You will see what benefits it will bring you!

Say Goodbye To Constipation.

When you eat raisins, something incredible happens: they swell because of the insoluble fiber they contain.

  • This natural process promotes the movement of our intestines while purifying them and mobilizing the stools for good elimination.
  • In addition, when we suffer from diarrhea, these soluble fibers absorb the liquid contained to, little by little, heal these processes and keep us well nourished to fight against these states of weakening.

The Best Way to Take Care of Your Bones in the Morning

Know that raisins, like figs, are rich in calcium.

If you put a handful of raisins in plain yogurt, you will have good calcium reserves, which are excellent for your bone health.

  • In addition, these dried fruits are also among the best sources of boron. It is a micro-nutrient that cannot be missing in the daily diet.
  • Boron is indeed vital for proper bone formation and care. As well as to help us absorb calcium much better.
  • On the other hand, as we reported earlier, this dry fruit also contains a good amount of potassium.
  • Potassium is another essential nutrient that allows us to fight against osteoporosis and age-related joint degeneration.

They Will Allow You To Have A More Alkaline Body.

An acidic organism often manifests itself in skin problems and acne.

  • Our interior is also affected by this decompensation in the pH balance.
  • Arthritis is more acute, as is uric acid, as well as the risk of suffering from kidney stones or cholesterol.
  • If we start consuming a handful of raisins in our breakfasts, we will get an excellent supply of potassium and magnesium.
  • These two minerals act as mediators to have a more alkaline organism capable of neutralizing this acidity which often puts our health at risk.

Why Grapes Are Good?

Autumn is fast approaching; no more beautiful tomatoes bursting with sunshine, small tasty courgettes, and juicy melons. But do not panic; each season has its good fruits and vegetables. In addition, nature does things well; you will notice that each fruit and vegetable gives us the benefits we need according to the seasons. Today we are going to dwell on this beautiful autumn fruit and the health benefits of grapes.

The Health Benefits of Grapes

It is a sweet fruit, very rich in vitamin C, mineral salts, calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium. In addition, it contains a lot of sugar that is very assimilable by the body, so it is very interesting for athletes and growing children. As we told you above, this fruit that grows in autumn is very good for filling up vitamins to overcome winter ailments.

Know that grapes are a powerful antioxidant. Indeed, it contains polyphenols.

  • limits the formation of bad cholesterol
  • protects the cardiovascular system
  • improves the resistance of blood vessels
  • strengthens collagen


History of the Grape

Grapes are the fruit of the vine that has grown naturally in the Mediterranean basin since the Paleolithic era. Scientists have found seeds in Israel that date back to around 300,000 BC. Hunter-gatherers consumed it as food and crushed the surplus to make drinking juice which they stored in earthen jars. Much later, the Romans and the Greeks developed the cultivation of vines to make wine, and it was not until the 17th century that table grapes were again grown to treat Louis XIV. Since the 20th century, this good fruit has been democratized and consumed more commonly.

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