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What is Sushi Rice


Did you realize that the term sushi refers to the rice, and no longer the fish in any respect? In Japan, getting that sushi rice right is seen as the highest art. The exceptional, maximum best in-season fish is an issue of connections and deep pockets. however, the rice is an artwork. normal nigiri is this kind of faded imitation of the highest-grade true stuff it’s like chef Boyardee vs sparkling hand-crafted pasta from a really proper Italian eating place. While the fish ought to conceivably be identical and satisfactory, the sushi rice, even in Japan, can run the gamut from poorly-device-made conveyor belt sushi (pictured below) to so crazy correct they could just place a few types of grass on the pinnacle and it’d flavor top – one in every of Steph’s favorites. However, getting the flavor of sushi rice properly isn’t always almost as tough as shaping it properly. unless you stay in a primary sushi town (or Japan) it’ll make for way higher sushi than most something you’ll find regionally. You’ll right away improve your homemade sushi with this simple recipe.

sushi rice

What is Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is jap brief grain rice seasoned with salt, vinegar, and sugar to form the base for nigiri, maki, and all other sorts of sushi. At some sushi places in Japan, they frequently track the rice to the precise fish. – that is, they have multiple batches of sushi rice with unique seasonings relying on the fish you’re being served.

Why is this the High-Quality Sushi Rice Recipe

This recipe is through Masaharu Morimoto, aka Iron Chef Morimoto. He’s a tremendous best man who downplays his sushi accomplishments but is certainly the actual deal. For me, this is the nice sushi rice recipe as it’s the one that tastes closest to the nice stuff we’ve had in Japan.

How to Make Sushi Rice

Make the rice. you can both use a rice cooker or the spot Pot to get perfect rice or use my regular 27-minute stovetop method which has by no means failed me: 1.25 cups water to one cup of rice, carry to a boil, cowl tightly with a lid and decrease the heat to the lowest it is going. After 17 minutes, cast off from warmth however leave the quilt on. After another 10 minutes take off the lid and keep with the stairs below. Make the seasoning. while the rice is cooking, integrate the rice vinegar, sugar, and salt in a small saucepan and heat over medium-low warmth until the sugar dissolves.

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Season the Rice

While the rice is carried out cooking, transfer it to a very huge bowl. Sprinkle on half of the vinegar mixture and use a rice paddle or silicone spatula to softly blend the vinegar into the rice with a slicing motion. The idea isn’t always to interrupt an unmarried grain of rice.

Cool the Rice

When you have a fan or even an easy mag, fan the rice for a couple of minutes at the same time as you gently toss it to assist it to take in the candy and sour vinegary goodness. You need it to be without difficulty cool and sufficient to deal with. In reality cool enough no longer to cook dinner with any uncooked fish you put on the pinnacle. Enjoy! flavor and modify the seasoning, including more if wanted. cowl with a damp towel till equipped to apply.

Red vs White Rice Vinegar

Most sushi rice recipes will best inform you to use rice vinegar and depart it at that, and that’s all right. But the mixing of various kinds of vinegar is one of the maximum vital ways sushi masters show their non-public fashion. A few will do a 50/50 mix of akazu (red rice vinegar, pictured under) with normal white rice vinegar, for example. It completely adjusts the taste profile of the rice, fish, and sushi as an entire. We bring back masses of rice vinegar from Japan (where they have got entire aisles of rice vinegar) and play with them. Glaringly, there’s not a number of need to invest in these, but if you had been ever interested in mixing up your regular sushi, this is in which I’d begin. Amazon has an ever-developing choice of extra obscure vinegar, which includes this unpolished brown rice vinegar from Mizkan, this amber rice vinegar from Kagoshima, or even this black rice vinegar (kurozu) for a wild (however actual) black sushi style.

Rice vinegar vs pro rice vinegar

The standard simple rice vinegar ought to be an inexperienced cap. Don’t purchase the orange-capped pre-pro rice vinegar (aka sushi vinegar). Or do, but don’t upload the sugar and salt in this recipe and just use it out of the bottle as-is. It’s now not nearly as exact to head the premix path however it really is plenty extra painless. I decide to go the gap. In this recipe, the belief is that you are the usage of unseasoned rice vinegar.

The Nice Rice to Use

I’ve seen on the internet that some human beings endorse using glutinous rice. that is just incorrect. I’ve additionally seen hints of sushi rice, which sounds ambiguous and weird at the first class to me. My advice is to get an easy koshihikari. It doesn’t count the number whether it’s from Japan or California. You ought to be able to locate koshihikari at any Asian grocery shop or, of direction, online.

Instantaneous pot Sushi Rice

You may make wonderful sushi rice in an immediate Pot! just cook dinner your rice as regular, then launch the lid and you can season and fan the rice right inside the instant pot. No different changes are wanted.

What to use this Sushi Rice for

California roll cones! make an ehomaki to have a good time at the beginning of spring. Order up some diverse sashimi from your favored sushi-ya and make a chirashi bowl, or fry up a salmon filet and go to town. Sushi rice and fish are a mixture that couldn’t be beaten – it doesn’t be counted whether the fish is uncooked or cooked. And heck, overlook the whole thing I said up pinnacle approximately the art of nigiri and just have some amusing making it at home!



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  • […] Did you realize that the term sushi refers to therice, and no longer the fish in any respect? In Japan, getting that sushi rice right is seen as the highest art. The exceptional, maximum best in-season fish is an issue of connections and deep pockets. however, the rice is an artwork  […]


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